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Common Questions About Non-Invasive Laser Liposuction Answered

May 8, 2020

Common Questions About Non-Invasive Laser Liposuction Answered

If you want to get rid of stubborn body fat, non-invasive laser liposuction at Luminox Healthcare Services, in College Park, could be the solution. Non-invasive laser liposuction in Maryland works sending a low-energy laser beam to shrinking the triglycerides in fat cells. The triglycerides are expelled through the lymphatic system. Here are answers to some common questions about this treatment.

What Are The Benefits of Non-invasive Laser Liposuction in Maryland
As the name implies, non-invasive laser liposuction does not involve surgery. You don't have to heal from incisions or be concerned about allergic reactions to anesthesia. You don't have to take weeks off work to recover, and you should be able to return to normal activities on the same day. The treatment should take about 20 minutes per session, and you may see results after one treatment. Non-invasive liposuction has been shown to be safe with little or no side-effects, and it offers the additional benefit of skin tightening as opposed to traditional liposuction.

Who Is a Candidate for Non-invasive Laser Liposuction in Maryland?
To be considered a candidate for non-invasive liposuction, you must be within 25 pounds of your normal body weight. You are in good overall physical shape, but you have stubborn fat pockets that wont go away with diet and exercise. Many doctors prefer you to have a BMI of 30 or less, but the process has been successful on clients with higher BMIs. Your skin should have good elasticity which means it can snap back in shape quickly.

What Else Should You Know About Non-invasive Laser Liposuction in Maryland?
While you may lose several inches, non-invasive liposuction is a contouring method and not designed as a weight loss program. Since the laser only empties the contents of the fat cells, you still have to maintain results by following a diet and exercise program to keep from gaining it back. It is more effective on small areas of fat on the arms, stomach, thighs, chin, and waist. You will likely need several sessions to get the results you want. To find out if you make a good candidate, contact us to schedule a consultation. 

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