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Laser Hair Removal Mistakes

February 7, 2020

Laser Hair Removal Mistakes

There are many Laser Hair Removal mistakes that may happen. Some of them can be prevented by yourself or the medical spa. Some mistakes are caused by the fault of the patient, where others may be caused by the fault of the medical technician. Regardless, they can be corrected and treatment can continue depending on a variety of factors.

1. Not shaving prior to having the treatment

Sometimes Laser Hair Removal mistakes can happen because the patient forgot to shave prior to having the treatment done. There are some spas that will shave the area themselves, but they do require you to stay on top of it.

2. Choosing an inexperienced technician

A mistake can also happen if you don't go to someone experienced. To see great results, you should visit an experienced and well-trained technician. You might want to make sure that this person does Laser Hair Removal regularly - every day, not once or twice a month. There are lots of nuances they must know. 

3. Not enough research

Research is important. The device not being checked prior to treatment is another reason why you might be unsatisfied with the results of Laser Hair Removal. Nowadays there is a number of different machines, depending on the type of your skin and hair color, the professional technicians at Luminox Healthcare Services could recommend what machine is best for you.

4. Not being consistent

If you are not being consistent, you can cause a mistake to happen. Treatments usually require 4-6 weeks in between sessions. If you aren't going as directed, the hair growth cycle will not be the same.

5. Applying lotion prior to treatment

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people tend to make is applying lotions and cremes to the area prior to treatment. This is a huge mistake and can increase the discoloration of the skin.

Certain medications should be avoided also as they can increase photo-sensitivity. You should check in with your technician if there is a medication that you can't skip.

If you are in the area you can check in with a staff at Luminox Healthcare Services, a medical spa in College Park. If you would like more information on laser hair removal, please feel free to contact us. Booking an appointment can be done easily. We provide a variety of skin treatments such as Skin Tightening, Non-invasive Laser Lipo, Cellulite Reduction, Anti-ageing Injections, and others. Visit our website for details.

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