Aromatherapy Massage in College Park, MD

The Benefits of an Aromatherapy Massage

Chronic Pain 

If you have chronic pain in your back or joints, you may feel that the pain is particularly exacerbated during certain seasons or in certain weather. It can make the pain sometimes unbearable. You may also suffer depression during the months where the sun is a rare visitor. If these are things that plague you, then the experts at Luminox can help. One of the best, non-invasive methods, to deal with chronic pain and seasonal depression is a massage. We perform aromatherapy massage in College Park no matter if you need help with pain, depression, or you’re just in the mood for a massage. You may wonder just what an aroma massage can do for you. 

The Benefits 

First and foremost, the whole point of an aromatherapy massage is to utilize essential oils that are designed to work with your brain’s limbic system. This system is particularly powerful in influencing the nervous system. By using essential oils, not just the scent, but the oil itself is spread into the skin. This allows you to not only breathe the aroma in but to also allow your body to absorb it naturally. 

An aroma massage in College Park by Luminox can work wonders for those who suffer from anxiety, dementia, menstrual pain, depression, insomnia, cancer, and other ailments and painful conditions. This is largely due to the fact that the human touch itself has been found to have a powerful healing effect on a person’s body. In addition, essential oils can help to bolster certain processes in the body that can promote healing, energy, or relaxation. 

If you suffer from pain, depression, anxiety, or you feel that you could use a bit of an indulgence, call us for treatment.

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