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Dermaplaning in College Park, MD

If you would like to improve your facial appearance without having to undergo cosmetic surgery, dermaplaning may be right for you. At Luminox, we offer this treatment to anyone who is interested in receiving dermaplaning in College Park. Our staff will do everything possible to make you feel secure and comfortable throughout your treatment. 

As a less-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery, many people have turned to dermaplaning to improve their facial skin in a way that’s both quick and effective. During this treatment, we remove the top layer of skin by shaving it gently with a sterile surgical scalpel. Dermaplaning can also remove many of the fine hairs and leave the face looking smooth and clean. This painless treatment can often go beyond what microdermabrasion and chemical facial peels can do by exfoliating the skin on a deeper level. Best of all, you won’t have to endure a long recovery period once your treatment is complete. 

Luminox uses technology that’s intended to help us achieve the best results. Our highly trained staff knows how to use each piece of equipment correctly so that people like you receive the safest, most comprehensive treatment imaginable. When performing dermaplaning, we go over every fine detail to remove the dead skin cells and many of the other cosmetic imperfections. Anyone who comes to us for this treatment will likely be amazed by the texture and appearance of their facial skin. 

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