Facial Exraction in College Park, MD

What are Facial Extractions?

Those Pesky Blemishes 

No matter how old you are, you’re likely tired of looking into the mirror and seeing those blackheads, pimples, and other skin blemishes. You may have tried ointment after ointment and cream after cream, but your face just refuses to clear up. You may require a treatment that’s a little more hands on. Luminox can provide the solution. We offer facial extractions in College Park to finally offer some relief for those skin problems. If you’ve never had a facial extraction performed before, you may wonder just what’s involved. 

The Process 

The first aspect you may need to know is that extractions often need to be performed frequently. In some cases, certain pores just aren’t ready to be extracted. This is especially true if this treatment is your first go at a facial in general. However, over time, we can remove those skin blemishes and help to promote your skin looking healthy and smooth. Initially, we’ll cleanse your skin. A fluid is typically used with steam to help soften the skin and prepare it for the extracting process. In some cases, a skin scrubber may also be used to further help the skin become loose. 

After that has been performed, we’ll use a bright light that can help us see the problem pores. You’ll be given protective eyewear, so you’re not injured by the light. Gently, pressure will be applied around the pores in order to extract the contents that are clogging the pore. Finally, a cream will be applied to the skin to help it fight against building up oil and other bacteria, so your pores can remain open and free. 

If you’re interested in facial extractions in the College Park area, then give us a call and set up an appointment. We’ll provide relief.

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