Fillers and Injectables in College Park

Indications of the aging process can be bothersome to many people. Aging can lead to feelings of self-consciousness, anxiety and more. People worry about the development of noticeable fine lines right next to their eyes, prominent nasolabial folds or “smile lines” right next to their noses and mouths. At Luminox Healthcare Services, there is no need for worry.  If you want to take action regarding your appearance, we can help you customize a skin care injectable program that is right for you.

Fillers and injectables can be excellent non-invasive treatment options for people who want to take control of aging signs. They can provide people with outcomes that last for a long time. Fillers and injectables tend to be speedy half-hour treatments. Their recovery times are nice and swift, too.


Get back on the path to youthful skin today with our team at Luminox Healthcare Services. Call our trusted clinic to learn more about fillers and injectables and all of their anti-aging advantages.

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