Glam Makeup in College Park, MD

Glam Makeup

You Can Look Your Best

The glamour aesthetic is the perfect style for any occasion. We offer this eternal look to our clients as part of our services, and we take the time to give you the beauty you want. Our cosmetic specialists want to help you find your best look. We take our time when we help you pick the right style. After you leave our glam makeup College Park spa, you’re going to love your new look. We take the time to give everyone the care they deserve. 

Choose Your Style

This cosmetic procedure presents a classic and timeless look. We use a combination of mascara, foundation, lipstick, and eyeliner to bring your best self to the world. You have a wide selection of makeup to choose from, and our team lets you try out products before you decide. We want our clients to enjoy their time here on their own terms. You’ll come out of our spa feeling like a brand new person. The glam makeup service is a final touch to our already excellent services. Afterward, you can leave our spa with your lively new look. 

Try It for Yourself

You can try our glam makeup treatment for yourself today. Our team of specialists will work with you as soon as you want. Our spa is there to give you a way to relax on your time. At Luminox in College Park, our glam makeup service follows the latest trends in cosmetics. The aesthetic you want is timeless, and its popularity won’t fade in the coming years. Take the time to fill out an application today. We focus on giving customers the experience they want for themselves. Contact us to find out how to schedule an appointment when you feel you have the time.

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