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Laser liposuction is a noninvasive procedure, but it offers results you can notice immediately. The treatment uses lasers to melt body fat without the need for anything else. The process involves little to no pain, and your recovery should be fast. Unlike other fat reduction methods, you can enjoy your new body in a matter of days. You can maintain your body without the effects of aging holding you back. Our professionals can sculpt your figure on your terms. You can have the body you deserve without the struggle to achieve fitness.

The high-end technology behind this procedure uses a range of wavelengths to achieve results. Although the laser’s light is relatively weak, it has the power to heat fat cells without causing scars. Fat reduction improves the appearance of the skin and helps prevent the sagging our bodies endure over time. Under our care, you can relax knowing we only use cutting-edge technology with our laser liposuction in College Park at Luminox treatment facility.

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You don’t need to let time take away your body. Our liposuction College Park clinic works hard to give every patient what they want. Laser therapy gives you the results you want without any pain, and you can schedule an appointment with our specialists. Our laser liposuction team at Luminox in College Park has the experience to create excellent results for you. Contact us today to learn about how you can melt away those extra pounds.

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