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Lash Extensions

Eyelashes are a great addition to any complete makeup look. In the early eighteen-hundreds women used to sew actual human hairs on to their eyelids to achieve a glamorous long-lashed look. With today’s technology, women are able to buy pre-made eyelashes at the store and glue them on their eyelids. However, this is a daunting task that can often take a long time to master. Investing in professional eyelash extensions can decrease the time it takes for you to get ready in the morning and can give you a natural full look to your lashes. 

Our trained professionals at Luminox have years of experience helping clients achieve a natural and full eyelash look. When searching for some of the best lash extensions College Park has to offer, remember that our lash extension professionals use only the most sanitary materials and tools in order to avoid painful infections or irritation. Safely getting eyelash extensions in College Park can be difficult to do as many spas and businesses are cutting corners. However, at Luminox, we strive to provide some of the best Lash extensions College Park has to offer by focusing on details and customer satisfaction. 

If you’re looking to get eyelash extensions in College Park, Luminox may be the answer for you. The average pair of fake eyelashes will last you up to 10 wears before they fall apart. With eyelash extensions, you can have full thick long eyelashes for up to seven weeks before needing a fill. Give one of our professionals a call today at Luminox to schedule your eyelash extension procedure.

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