Lymphatic Therapy in College Park, MD

The Benefits of a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Swelling and Build-Up 

Over time, the body naturally tends to have a build-up of fluids in the lymphatic system. Certain foods can exacerbate this. When there’s too much of a build-up, those areas can start to swell and might even cause pain for the person. It can make digestion difficult and tire a person out since fluids have a difficult time getting to where they need to go due to the blockages. Lymphatic therapy can assist with these blockages. At Luminox, we offer a lymphatic massage in College Park that is designed to relieve those blockages and detox your body. 

How Lymphatic Drainage Helps 

This massage, often called lymphatic drainage, is extremely popular in both France and the United States. A lymphatic massage in College Park typically concerns the gentle flowing of small strokes along the skin. While it is typically used to remove swelling in the body, it has also been used as a facial treatment. When applied to the face, especially during a facial, puffiness under the eyes as well as the face as a whole is reduced. This can make a person appear far less tired than they did originally and essentially remove those bags that are weighing your eye down. 

Lymphatic therapy usually takes around an hour to perform, although it can be shorter or longer depending on the person in question and state of the blockages. Since the massage works to remove those blockages, your body can receive a boost to its immune system and energy levels. This massage is a holistic approach to empowering your body’s natural detoxifying practices. 

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