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How Intense Pulsed Light Can Help Rejuvenate Your Skin

As you age, one of the first things you might start to notice about yourself is the wrinkled skin beginning to form in certain areas of your face. These may appear even more pronounced against large pores or red or dry skin. It may even cause you some distress. At Luminox Healthcare Services, we want to help you rejuvenate your skin, so the very first thing you notice is how healthy and young you appear. One of the services we can offer you to achieve that is  a PhotoFacial.

IPL And PhotoFacial 

IPL, or intense pulsed light, is a non-invasive treatment that involves a light source being applied to your skin. It targets an area, and the light essentially boosts the healing properties of your body. Collagen is re-formed where before its production may have been minimal or turned off. A healthy production of collagen is the key to keeping your skin soft and free of wrinkles. 

The PhotoFacial is what it sounds like–a facial for your skin using state of the art tools. At our College Park location, a PhotoFacial is basically around a half hour treatment in which you will come into our building and lay back comfortably. We’ll use our IPL tool to close those deep pores, remove the red pigmentation to your skin, and smooth over wrinkles. This is especially preferable to other treatments out there like laser-skin resurfacing which is more invasive. PhotoFacial performed by IPL does not remove skin. It only triggers the body to do what it naturally used to do. 

Besides the ease of the treatment, one of the best features of a PhotoFacial with IPL is that there’s hardly any downtime–if any downtime at all. So, if you want a fresh, youthful, appearance then give us a call today.

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