Reflexology in College Park, MD

What to Expect from a Session of Reflexology

The Theory 

If you’ve never heard of reflexology, you might be unclear about what it is. Reflexology is a type of massage given to either the hand or foot. The idea behind massaging and applying pressure to key points in the hands and feet is that those areas actually help to control certain processes in the body. There is a connection between those certain points and organs and body parts. By applying pressure, you help to remove those blockages of energy that keep those organs and parts from functioning at optimal performance. In particular, the tips of the toes are connected to the head, the ball of the foot is connected to the heart and chest area, the arch of the foot is connected to the liver, pancreas, and kidneys, and the heel of the foot is connected to the intestines and lower back area. 

Reflexology at Luminox in College Park uses this information to help you remove those blockages and provide relief for your body as a whole. 

A Typical Session 

If strengthening those connections is something that you are interested in, then you may want to consider a session of reflexology in College Park with Luminox. We’ll study your health and come up with an individualized plan to use reflexology that will best impact you. Brisk movements are typically performed first to warm up the feet or hands, and then pressure is applied by the fingers or thumb in key areas that we believe will offer the most relief. Sessions can take anywhere from a half hour to a full hour. Those who receive reflexology typically find relief with headaches, stress, insomnia, sports injuries, back pain, menstrual disorders, and other conditions. 

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