Vaginal Facial in College Park, MD

Vaginal Facial

You may not have heard about a vaginal facial in at Luminox College Park. You probably spend a fair amount of money and time at the beauty parlor or spa on such things as hair services, nail care and skin care. But you probably don’t spend much time thinking about your lady parts. Ladies, you may be interested to know that there is now a revitalizing service for your intimate area. It’s called a vaginal facial or vajacial. Here at Luminox, we offer this vaginal facial in College Park. The procedure is limited to the skin of the vulva and the area immediately surrounding it. It does not involve introducing anything into the vagina itself. The skin of the vulva is prone to irritation from sweat, the elastic from panties, pantyhose and tights, and hormonal changes. Read on to learn more about a vajacial in College Park. 

Introducing the Vajacial 

A vajacial treatment includes the vulva, bikini line and pubic mound. Women who shave their pubic area often develop ingrown hairs, which cause a red, painful bump to form. A vajacial helps to improve the condition of the vulvar skin area through a special treatment protocol. Before this process, a unique sugar and lemon paste may be used to remove hair. The treatment then involves steaming, extraction and the application of a special mask. Steam containing an essential oil like tea tree oil gently cleans the area and opens pores, loosening any blackheads, ingrown hairs and other bumps. Tea tree oil has a natural anti-bacterial action. Any blackheads and other bumps are gently extracted. Next is the application of a soothing, detoxifying, moisturizing mask. 

A special electrical device is then used to kill any remaining skin bacteria. This tool, which looks like a glass wand, produces bacteria-killing oxygen and delivers it deep into the pores. Red light therapy and a skin lightening treatment work to tone the vulvar skin and correct any darkened areas. 

If you’d like to know more about a vajacial in College Park, please contact us by phone or by using our contact us web page. We love to hear from new patients, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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